//Advanced Membership (20 Gigs Per Month)

Advanced Membership (20 Gigs Per Month)

£36.00 / month

Advanced Membership (20 Gigs Per Month)



Advanced Membership (20 Gigs Per Month)

  • List all of your gigs to the Comedy Gigs Site

    We load your gigs from your website or tour program on to Comedy Gigs. This service includes creating full profiles for every Act, Promoter and Venue, where ever possible these will include pictures, descriptions, website links, full venue addresses, Twitter handles and Facebook details.
    You will be properly listed without lifting a finger!

  • Submit All of Your Gigs to the UK Press Association/The Guardian/Time Out/The Times and countless other websites, magazines and newspapers

    We will correctly submit your gigs to the UK’s media! Get maximum publicity for your events.

  • Broadcast your gigs with photograph across our Twitter network

    Comedy Gigs Twitter is the cutting edge place to hear about new gigs first. We tag every act, venue and promoter so your gig will appear in all their feeds, ready to be retweeted across the Twitosphere.

  • Publicise your events across our Facebook Following

    Reach out to our devoted comedy fans! We will also tag all artists, venues and promoters to ensure your gig appears in their feeds to ensure plenty of likes and shares.

  • Guaranteed Editorial Coverage

    We will feature up to one article a month of yours about your gig, tour or story.

  • Option to Boost your Stories, Videos or Events across our Social Media Network

    Let us know your budget an we will boost you out beyond our extensive network of music lovers to an audience specified by you.
    The fastest way to get seen by thousands!

  • Poster Service

    Send us your imagery and for only £5 each we will create Comedy Gigs posters for your gigs. We can even arrange printing!

  • No Commitment

    No problem if you just want to list one tour, you are free to cancel our service at anytime.

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